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Libercasa is a high growth, ambitious portal about real estate in Spain. We approach our visitors in a clean and independent service-minded manner, we treasure their trust. These values can be transfered to selected advertisers for relevant products and services.


Demand for financing and information about mortgages is high. We offer three formats: a sponsor banner on the property overview pages, a feature on the homepage and the mortgage calculator sponsor. Target per country website (Libercasa International, Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands). For detailed information, please contact our sales team at +31 20 4272427 or

Legal Services

Do you provide legal services to real estate buyers in Spain? Become the Featured Legal Advisor of your region and expose your services to hundreds of prospects each day. Read more.

Property Investment Services

Promote your services as the Featured Investment Advisor of your region. Read more.

Tax & Administrative Services

Do you provide tax and administrative services? Do you speak your languages and do you know about the intricacies of tax law as it applies to foreigners? Become the Featured Tax Expert in your region. Read more.

Relocation Services

Promote your transport and relocation services in our Featured Relocation Services section. Be visible for hundreds of high probability prospects each day. Read more.

New Homes Construction Companies

Construction companies can present themselves in our ‘New Developments’ section. Read more.

Other Relevant Products and Services

Do you sell other relevant products and services and do you want to promote them on our websites? Please contact our sales team ( or +31 20 4272427) for more information.